Kayla’s Redemption is Here!

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Since childhood, Kayla Perez has despised the person responsible for every traumatic experience in her life, from her father’s death to the loss of her innocence. With a heart filled with anger and bitterness, Kayla strives to live far away from her oppressor – until she meets Samuel Jerrod, who serves the person she hates most: God.

Pastor Samuel Jerrod’s caring and patience softens Kayla’s heart – but just as she embraces the idea of a loving God, tragedy strikes again. Will Kayla lean on her budding new faith, or will she spiral out of control and lose both salvation and Samuel?

Watch Book Trailer

Kayla’s Redemption is available in all eReading formats (Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony, BlackBerry, Playbook, etc.), and viewable on all mobile phone systems. You can even get a PDF version for your PC, for just $2.99!

To express my appreciation for your continued support, I’m giving away a free eBook. All you have to do is purchase Kayla’s Redemption and answer the following question: What haunted Kayla’s dreams?

Send the answer via Facebook private message or e-mail me at wbcampbell@prodigy.net and I will send you a free eBook download for my anthology, Home Again: Stories of Restored Relationships.

That’s 2 great books for $2.99.

Happy Reading!

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