Liberation is Here!

I’m so grateful and humbled to announce the release of my seventh Christian Fiction novel, Liberation!

Available now in both e-book and print formats.

About the Book

Tired of living a life of manipulation and abuse, Shannon Yates trades in her mini-skirts, colored contacts, and twelve-inch weave for a Bible. Although she accepts the liberation found within its pages, walking in her newfound freedom proves easier said than done.

Just when the thing Shannon longs for the most is within reach, insecurities and old emotional wounds resurface, causing her to reject the blessing the Father has for her. Will love cast out all fear and liberate Shannon before it’s too late? Or will she settle for the familiar?


Shannon prayed all the way to her family’s home.

“Lord, you said that no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper and that You would keep me in a perfect peace if I keep my mind stayed on You. God, please help me get through this visit.”
Shannon dreaded every moment she spent inside the four walls of the green and white ranch-style house in the heart of East Oakland. Her mother wasn’t the only one that made her feel uncomfortable; her two younger sisters, Tonya and Tracie, did as well. Not to mention her stepfather.

It wouldn’t be so bad if her mother and siblings didn’t always point out how different she was from them. They were tall; she was short. They had naturally soft, long hair, but Shannon had short hair that had to have a relaxer on a regular basis. The biggest difference was skin color. Her sisters were light-skinned, and she was dark brown. In fact, Shannon was the darkest member of her family, and everyone but her younger brother Chris made sure she didn’t forget it.

Convinced that tall, skinny, light-skinned with long hair was better than her short fame, brown sugar-skin, short-haired head, Shannon spent most of her life trying to be something she wasn’t. No matter how much hair she brought and glued or sewed unto her scalp, it didn’t change the fact that her hair was short and kinky. She could put on all the makeup in the world, and it still wouldn’t change her complexion. It wasn’t until Shannon went to Ms. Julia for help after failing to win Brian’s affections that she understood that she was exactly the way God intended for her to be; now if she could only get her family to see that.

Her younger brother Chris was the one bright spot in her family. Despite the constant coaxing from his mother and sisters, Chris never made Shannon feel bad because of her skin color. It was Chris who reminded the rest of the family that Shannon was the only one of his sisters who attempted to attend college. She was the only one that didn’t have at least one babydaddy somewhere. Shannon was the one with enough courage to move out on her own and not one time ask for anything; she wasn’t the one visiting or sending money to some deadhead in jail. Of course, her sisters didn’t like it when Chris stated the facts, but since they couldn’t argue with the truth, they would stop speaking to him.

Her stepfather Ray was another story. She tried to stay as far away from him as possible. From Shannon’s perspective, he was at the root of all of the problems she had with her mother and sisters. It started when she was a pre-teen, when he constantly reminded her during family dinners how dark and ugly she was and that the only way she was going to make something of herself was on her back. Then he would turn and say to her mother, “I’m glad our children took after my side of the family.” Her sisters would laugh, but not one time did her mother ever defend her. She figured it was because Ray was her husband and her mother needed his financial support, but as time went on, her mother started saying the same cruel things. After a while, Shannon started believing that she was ugly and unlovable.

No matter how much she prayed, it was still hard for her to be around her family. The depression and dread would sometimes start two or three days before a scheduled visit and remain days after. If it weren’t for Marcus’ call that morning, Shannon didn’t think she would have been able to get out of bed today.

He’d call just to say hi. “I wanted to hear the voice of a beautiful woman first thing this morning. Have a good day,” was all he said before disconnecting the call.

That simple gesture gave her the confidence to face her family. She repeated his words to herself with every step she took toward the front door. I will have a good day today.

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