Spiritual Food for Thought: 31 Inspirational Quotes to Jump-start your Day

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About the Book
Spiritual Food for Thought: 31 Inspirational Quotes to Jump-start your Day, is a daily devotional to encourage and inspire you in your walk with Christ.


“In this journey called, “Life,” I’ve learned that God never consults our past to determine our future. The roads we take become learning experiences for growth and development, to bring us into our God given purpose.”

This is just a sample of inspiration you will receive from this book. Spiritual Food for Thought, consists of inspirational messages that offer daily words of empowerment, and promote spiritual growth and development in the Lord Jesus Christ for your day to day living.

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/KtLUoMFlKs4

About the Author
Lá Tanyha Boyd, is living her dream and walking in her calling to empower, and inspire others in “Living in the Now;” the abundant life. Author Lá Tanyha, has traveled around the world via the airwaves as an Inspirational Speaker delivering messages to jumpstart your day and vision, all the while infused with Faith, Hope, & Determination leaving you with a mindset of I CAN DO THIS! Challenging others to Take Action to go higher in their careers, fulfill their goals and walk in their purpose.
Lá Tanyha is the International Radio Host of Spiritual Food for Thought Global Radio. Through this syndicated radio broadcast she empowers others across the globe to follow their dreams and to live life with purpose, passion, fire and determination.
Author Boyd often shares messages that; “Life is all about living and when we can have Spiritual Food, it nourishes us like nothing else.”
Answering the call to minister, Missionary Là Tanyha has been working in the vineyard for over ten years, and is a Licensed Missionary.
Là Tanyha is a mentor and a powerful Inspirational Speaker, facilitator with a heart and fire for God and His people.
Contact Information:
Website: http://faithabeliever.com
Facebook/Inbox: http://www.facebook.com/FaithABelie…
Email: Faithinorder@yahoo.com
Twitter: @Spiritualfoodra
Twitter: @Faithabeliever


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